About Us

Ooberstock is a wine importer and drinks distributor based in Ascot, Berkshire.  It is part of the family-owned Drinks21 Group of companies that specialise in the multi-market distribution of branded drinks.


In the UK, we distribute some of the countries largest wine brands, including the fastest-growing, still & sparkling wine brand, i Heart to wholesalers, cash & carries and small to medium retailers.

Our brand partnerships with other leading suppliers, such as Coca Cola, Budweiser Brewing Group, Asahi UK and Treasury Wine Estates mean we can offer our clients a superb range of commercial products.

We are an AWRS approved trader for UK duty paid sales and a WOWGR approved trader for duty suspended sales, meaning we can offer our customers and suppliers the most cost-effective supply solution to suit their needs.

Packed full of experience in the drinks distribution and wine importation market, we look forward to serving our customers for many more years ahead!

Company No: 07302362
VAT No: GB 109 3661 18
AWRS No: XGAW00000101812

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