Get up to £25,000 to help
grow your business today.

Up to 37 days Interest Free Credit

1% Cashback on all Card Purchases

24 Hour Approval

 Flexible credit, up to £25,000

 Unaffected Credit Footprint

Why Capital on Tap is proud to partner with Capital On Tap, who are the number 1 rated business lender in the UK. Capital on Tap offer a quick easy and flexible credit solution with up to 37 days free credit (when you pay off your balance in full each month). The application process only takes 5 minutes. Our credit checking method leaves no mark on your credit rating and can provide a decision in as little as 2 minutes. We also provide you with a card so that your Capital on Tap credit is fully portable and can be used at and across your other suppliers, keeping all costs in one place.

Where additional information is required, we will contact you. The application should be made by the business owner, thereafter the card can be used by any approved employee. We ask for ownership details and personal details, so that we may run these credit checks. Should you need more information on your credit application the team is available through live chat on or simply call on 0208 962 7401 during business hours.


Quick Decision
2 minute application 

Funds at Your Fingertips
Your Capital on Tap Business Visa Card
is delivered within 3 business days.

Better Credit Terms
Your rates and limit improve as you
make repayments.

Simple, transparent pricing

No monthly, annual or hidden fees.

Rates as low as
per month

Rates range from 0.79% to 7.4% per month
based on your business profile.


  • What is Capital on Tap?

    Capital on Tap offers an innovative lending facility to SME's and suppliers. Their ground-breaking technology directly challenges, re-defines and disrupts traditional banking facilities, helping customers' businesses grow.

    Founded in 2012, they have partnered with over 25,000 businesses across the UK deploying funding facilities of over £100 million to customers ranging from small and micro retailers up to multinational supply chain groups. Their unrivalled approach to exceptional service delivery has been recognised by our ranking on Trustpilot as the number 1 non-bank service provider in 2016 - Not bad for a 4 year old!

  • Will I qualify for Capital on Tap credit?

    We look at each business on a case by case basis, however we do have some basic criteria we like all our customers to meet.

    We will consider any business that doesn’t quite meet these criteria, so you should still submit an application. Applying doesn’t hurt your credit rating.

    - Your business should have at least 18 months of trading history
    - Your business should have a turnover of at least £24,000 per annum
    - There should be no unsatisfied CCJs against you or your business in the last 12 months

  • What information do I need to apply?

    Our 2 minute application varies based on your type of business. You will be asked for details on your business and basic personal information.

  • Will applying affect my credit rating?

    Initially, Capital on Tap completes a quotation search through a credit rating agency. This search can only be seen by the applicant and Capital on Tap. If you accept our loan offer and receive funding they are required to share information related to that funding with other lenders in the UK. If you repay the loan on time this will positively impact your credit history.

  • Why have I received an email asking for more information?

    We authorise your credit application against personal information that is provided e.g. addresses. Sometimes we get partial information matches. For example this could be due to a different name for your pub compared to the registered name or most commonly that the Director requesting the credit is registered at a home rather than business address. The request for more information is really just to create a data match

  • What happens if I am declined for credit?

    Being declined for credit often is a case of not have sufficient trading information under the name of premises or director under which the application is made. You can still shop on and pay either through credit card or paypal. After 6 months of trading, we will be happy to reassess again your application. You can also visit to obtain your own credit report and score.

  • How much does it cost to borrow?

    Your funding costs depends on your 'Star Rating' (Capital on Tap's internal credit score) and how long you want to borrow the funds for. Once approved you will have have an opportunity to improve your 'Star Rating'.


  • How much funding can I get?

    Capital on Tap can provide you up to £25,000, depending on your application and credit checks.

  • How quickly can I start using my funds?

    Once your application has been completed, Capital on Tap can deposit the funds into your account within 2 business hours. Any repeat funding can be finalised in minutes. Your Capital on Tap card will then be sent to you within 3 working days.

  • Do I get 37 days credit on every invoice?

    No, the number of days depends on the time taken to your next statement. 37 days refers to the maximum free credit period assuming you clear the balance on your account every month.

  • Can I have my cashback paid into another account?

    If you elect to redeem your points as a cash transfer into your account the funds will be deposited into the same bank account you use to make your repayments to Capital on Tap.


  • How is repayment collected?

    Your repayments are based on your activity during your billing period. Your billing period lasts 30 days and the beginning and ending dates will be communicated to you clearly when you set up your account. You decide if you want to pay your balance off in full at the end of your billing period or your Minimum Monthly repayment, which is 10% of your outstanding balance or £250 (whichever is greater). Your repayments are collected automatically via your Direct Debit on the date specified on your monthly statement.

  • How do I know when a payment is due?

    Your payments are due 4 days after your monthly billing period ends. This will be clearly communicated to you when you set up your account and will be visible on your monthly statements and your online account 24/7.

  • What happens if I miss a repayment?

    You should only borrow money that you feel you can comfortably repay. If you hold up your end of the agreement you will never pay more than what was agreed in your contract. You can avoid paying late fees by getting in contact with Capital on Tap in advance if you are aware you will not be able to make a scheduled payment. In the event we can't reach you, your account can incur additional charges for late payment as specified in your funding agreement.

  • Will I receive a statement?

    At the end of your billing period, you will receive an electronic statement detailing your monthly activity, charges and costs. Capital on Tap does not issue paper copies of the statements, but you can download them and print them via your online Capital on Tap account.


  • How do the Rewards work?

    You earn 1 Reward Point on all of your purchases with no restrictions of caps! You can redeem your points via your Capital on Tap account, to use either as credit or to transfer the cash to your bank account. For example, if you spend £10 000 in a month, you will earn 10 000 points. Once the payment is made you receive £100 either as credit or available to send straight to your banks account.

  • How do I redeem my points?

    You can redeem your points via your Capital on Tap account. Convert your points at a time to suit you to get a credit on your account or get cash straight to your bank account within 1 day! (administrative costs will apply)

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