Highland Park Dark Origins Single Malt Scotch Whisky

David Robertson founded Highland Park in 1798 on what was once the site of Magnus Eunson’s cottage. Eunson was not only a beadle at the local church but also a notorious smuggler. As the back canister says in promotion, “Establishing a secret bunker in the hills of High Park in Orkney, Magnus ‘Mansie’ Munson became a dark distiller, creating whisky for the people of Orkney to offer relief from the villainy of the tax collectors. By day he worked tirelessly in his church providing spiritual guidance, but in the dead of night handcrafted the best elixir in the world.” Dark Origins is a new, and supposedly a core item going forward, bottling aged twice in first fill sherry casks. This imparts a darker colour and a richer flavour. As with many single malt scotch bottlings, collectors and fans should find a bottle, taste it and if it is liked, keep a bottle on hand as the distillery’s marketing ideas often change quickly. This is a bottle worth having.
Brand Highland Park
Country United Kingdom
Whisky Region Island
ABV % 46.80%
Volume 70cl
Allergy Advice No Allergen
Gift Box Yes