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A Quality Beer that offers enjoyment in many variations, whether it be natural, clear, light or dark. 


The Kaiserdom Specialties Brewery came together in 1718 and was named the largest brewery in the eleven Bamberger breweries. The speciality behind Kaiserdom is their ability to create a quality beer from only four raw materials. The ingredients are only selected from the region in order to have an authentic taste to the beer. 


Kaiserdom has been brewing beers for over 300 years, continuing their legacy of authentic tasting beer. Along with this, Kaiserdom is constantly adapting and changing, their new initiative is an environmental approach to their production. This was followed by the introduction of 3 deep wells to provide pure water that has been enriched from the minerals of the land around. 


Kaiserdom has been awarded the DLG, German Agricultural Society, for over 30 years now. 

The Kaiserdom Range

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