Littlemill 2015 Private Cellar Limited Edition 25 Year Old Whisky

Littlemill 2015 Private Cellar Edition 25 Year Old is a limited edition release, direct from the distillers own stocks, which gives connoisseurs the opportunity to acquire a piece of Lowland Whisky history. Littlemill was one of the distilleries to close during 1980's, which now has whisky enthusiasts eagerly seeking out its ‘lost but definitely not forgotten’ whisky wares. Distilling since 1772, this iconic Lowlander fell on hard times during the 1980s and was eventually mothballed in 1994. It was then tragically destroyed by fire in 2004. As a result there is a very limited quantity of Littlemill Scotch Whisky left for the world to savour. Along with the 70cl main bottle you received a sample 5cl bottle as well as a section of a stave from one of casks that matured the whisky!.
Brand Littlemill
Country Scotland
Whisky Region Lowland
ABV % 50.40%
Volume 70cl
Allergy Advice No Allergen
Gift Box Yes