A quality wine that was driven by the success of science, art, and innovation to produce one of Australia’s most respected wines. 


Dr. Christopher and Mary Penfold started their business with a few of their vine cuttings and bright vision of their future. Penfold’s was established in 1844 at the Magill Estate in South Australia. The business bloomed leading to Penfold’s being one of the top producers of wine, producing over ⅓ of all South Australian wine by 1920. 


Continuing Mary’s and Christopher’s legacy, Penfold’s continues to produce high quality wine with new ranges and projects every year. 


Now celebrating their 170th Anniversary, Penfold’s continues to uphold their philosophy of ‘1844 to evermore!’.

The Koonunga Hill Range

The Penfolds Bin Range

The Penfolds Rawson's Retreat Range

The Penfolds Icons Range

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