Puni is Italy's first and only malt whisky distillery and they mean business! After years of contemplation and planning, builder Albrecht Ebensperger quite literally laid the foundation of the first Italian whisky distillery in 2010. In the midst of the Alps, near the Ortler mountain range, lies the distillery building, just outside the small town of Glurns in the Vinschgau valley. The 'Highlands of Italy' are an ideal place for creating an extraordinary whisky. PUNI distillery takes its name from the nearby Puni river and uses only locally grown rye which adds distinctive flavour notes to the whisky. 

The distillery imported genuine Scottish stills and brought over the whisky experts to install them. Similar to Scottish distilleries, which very often have gaelic names, PUNI is an ancient raetic name, deeply rooted in the local history. In the spring of 2012 the manufacture of the first Italian whisky began. After a little more than three years of cask maturation, the first Italian Malt Whisky was released in 2015. 

Brand Puni
Whisky Region World Whisky
ABV % 43
Volume 70cl
Allergy Advice No Allergen