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  1. Tempt
    A classic and traditional take on refreshing apple cider, Tempt 3 Apple cider has a great balance of sweet and dry. With delicious sweet aromas of red and green apple varieties, whilst in the background a hint of white wine and vanilla - this crisp cider will not disappoint your palate!
  2. Tempt
    Black Cherry natural flavour delivers a dark cider that communicate indulgence and a sweet taste that delivers on the promise.
  3. Tempt
    Tempt 7 is a delicious Elderflower based cider, with flavours of Blueberries and pear and a subtle hint of lychee on the finish, providing a well balance and rounded drink.
  4. Tempt
    Tempt 9 is a very sweet and rounded cider, with aromas of berry fruits, lime zest and apple and a taste of Strawberry and Lime.