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I heart Wines is all about making wine accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Created in 2011, I heart Wines has seen an explosion in sales of the brand. With distribution already in 45 countries across 6 continents, it is recognised as one of the fastest growing wine brands and has already achieved top 20 status by volume sales.

I heart is exciting and innovative, approaching wine with a fresh pair of eyes! It's is aimed at the everyday winedrinkers. People who know what they enjoy without being experts.


Approaching wine from a different angle means discarding the stuffy traditions of the wine world, creating a brand that is full of energy and aimed at people who know what they enjoy!

Great tasting wine, at a reasonable price that stands out on the shelf.



The collection brings you great examples of all the most popular wine varietals from around the world, so all you need to worry about is finding your favourite. 

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The I heart Sparkling Wines

The I heart Core Range

The I heart Mini Range

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